Other Ranks

Other Ranks is an 800-line epic poem by John Robinson with new music specially composed by Paul Taylor. Written for three voices, it also includes songs.

The subject is an unsentimental, non-nostalgic examination of the situation of the volunteer proletarian soldier, not only in World War One, but throughout history.

A limited edition of the Other Ranks script with recorded music and selected readings is now available in book and CD form. Words spoken by the author, John Robinson with Jim Higo, and Mickey Higgins who also performs the songs.

Original music by Paul Taylor performed by the composer with Martin Jones, Matthew Smith, Paul Sharpless and Alan Drever-Smith.

Soundscapes by Phil Codd, design by Brian Tozer, recorded at Fairview Studios, printed by McRay Press and produced by Dave Ellis. See the Other Ranks website for purchase details.

There is also an ebook version of Other Ranks, including more sheet music from Paul Taylor’s score.

This is available from Redriff Press via Amazon.

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